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Blackout in Ukrainian capital due to Russian attack, President Zelensky claims via tweet



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The Ukrainian president blamed the Russian military while tweeting.
Ukraine’s president said there was a blackout in Kharkiv due to the Russian attack.
The Ukrainian President said that the Russian army was deliberately attacking the infrastructure of the people.

Kyiv. The war between Russia and Ukraine has been going on for several months. Meanwhile, Russian troops captured Kyiv, the capital of Ukraine. However, the Russian army now seems to be retreating. Ukraine’s army chief said on Sunday that Ukrainian forces were driving Russian troops out of the Kharkiv region. Ukrainian officials said the Russian military is now withdrawing. In addition, officials said Russia’s retaliatory attack on civilian infrastructure, including a thermal power plant in Kharkiv, caused widespread blackouts. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky wrote on Twitter about the attacks: “No military installation, people are disturbed by darkness and heat.” Russia has denied that its military intentionally targeted Ukrainian civilians.

Zelensky described the invasion of Ukraine as a potential breakthrough in the six-month-old war and said if Kyiv had more powerful weapons it could see more territorial gains in the winter. Ukraine’s Commander-in-Chief, General Valery Zaluzny, said the armed forces had regained control of more than 3,000 km2 (1,158 sq mi) since the start of this month. Zelensky said Sunday evening that the Russian attacks led to complete blackouts in the Kharkiv and Donetsk regions, and partial blackouts in the Zaporizhzhya, Dnipropetrovsk and Sumy regions. Let us tell you that Ukraine’s swift action to retake Russian-held areas in the northeastern region of Kharkiv forced Russia to withdraw its troops.

Ukraine’s president mocked Russian forces in a video released on Saturday evening, saying: ‘These days, the Russian army is doing its best and running away in the back.’ Considered a success, he thwarted Russia’s attempt to take control of the capital, Kyiv. , at the start of the war almost seven months earlier. At the same time, arguing in favor of its defence, the Russian Defense Ministry said that the withdrawal of troops from Izium and other areas of the Kharkiv region was aimed at strengthening Russian forces in the neighboring Donetsk region. .

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