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Bloody conflict in Canada, 10 people stabbed to death, 15 injured



New Delhi. Shocking news is coming from Canada. In the Canadian province of Saskatchewan, 10 people were killed and 15 others were reportedly injured in stabbing attacks at different locations. The attacker is on the run. The Royal Canadian Mountain Police (RCMP) has issued a dangerous person alert. RCMP have issued a statewide suspect alert following the shocking incident which took place at different locations in James Smith Cree Nation and Wealdon, Saskatchewan province. Police say there were multiple stabbings in James Smith’s Cree Nation and in the village of Weldon in northeast Saskatchewan.

The suspects have been identified as Damien Sanderson and Miles Sanderson, according to the RCMP. An alert has been issued across the state to search for them. It is not yet known what the suspect’s motive was. Saskatchewan RCMP Assistant Commissioner Rhonda Blackmore said some victims were targeted by suspects, but others were attacked with impunity. Therefore, the motive behind this is not yet known. Blackmore said what happened was horrific.

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FIRST POST: 05 September 2022, 05:36 IST