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Boat carrying 400 people stranded between Malta and Greece, running out of oil, the captain fled



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A boat carrying 400 passengers got stuck between Malta and Greece in the Mediterranean.
The helpdesk alarm phone said it had received a call from the boat.
German NGO Sea-Water International said those on board the boat were in mortal danger.

Athens, Greece). A boat carrying 400 passengers has been caught struggling between Malta and Greece amid a huge surge in the number of boats carrying migrants from North Africa crossing the Mediterranean Sea to reach Europe. The Alarm Phone helpline tweeted its concerns, saying it had received a call from the boat, which had left Tobruk, Libya. While the German NGO Sea-Water International said there was a life-threatening situation in front of those on board the boat. The alarm phone said those on board were in panic and many needed medical help. These include a child, a pregnant woman and people with physical disabilities.

The boat is said to have run out of fuel and its lower deck is full of water. The alarm phone says that the captain of the boat has left him and there is no one who can steer the boat. The organization said it alerted authorities to the matter. The alarm phone said the boat was currently wandering in Malta’s search and rescue area. While the German NGO Sea-Watch International tweeted that those on board were threatened with death and called on the European Union to act.

30 migrants fear drowning near Libyan coast

Recently, there has been a sharp increase in the number of migrant boats crossing the Mediterranean Sea from North Africa. Another German NGO Rescueship said on Sunday that at least 23 migrants had died overnight in another shipwreck in the Mediterranean. The organization tweeted that it found 25 people in the water during the rescue operation. His men rescued 22 people alive and recovered 2 bodies. While it was said that 20 people had already drowned. Last week, the Gio Barents ship of the charity Doctors Without Borders rescued 440 migrants from Malta after a complex 11-hour operation in rough seas. While 23 people disappeared and 4 died when 2 boats of African migrants trying to reach Italy sank in Tunisia on Saturday.

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