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Bodies of children were found locked in 2 suitcases in New Zealand, mother arrested in South Korea



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Police have arrested a woman suspected of being the mother of two children.
Woman suspected of fleeing to South Korea after killing children in Auckland
Bodies of children believed to have been locked in suitcases for almost three to four years: Police

Seoul. South Korean police said on Thursday they arrested a woman believed to be the mother of two children whose remains were found in a suitcase in New Zealand last month. The Korean-born New Zealander has been charged with murder, according to Reuters. Korea’s national police agency said the 40-year-old woman was arrested in the southeastern city of Ulsan after a red notice was issued by global police agency Interpol .

Officials said the woman was suspected of having fled to South Korea after killing her children aged 7 and 10 in Auckland in 2018. He said a South Korean court would consider whether to extradite the suspect to New Zealand. New Zealand Police have launched a murder investigation after an Auckland family found the remains of children in a storage locker they had bought at auction.

The family had placed an online auction for the contents of the storage locker. These auctions do not allow buyers to look inside the content before the auction. In such a situation, this bid is made only after examination of the external shape of the goods. Many major TV shows have also been made on such auctions. The family that found the body had nothing to do with the death.

Police believe the children’s bodies were locked in suitcases for around three to four years. Both suitcases are the same size. According to police, the family who purchased this item from the storage unit had no involvement in the incident in any way.

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