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Brother and sister sitting in love with each other put obscene photos on the group to tell the family! fell to give and take



Love stories are very pleasant to listen to, as long as they don’t disturb anyone. Sometimes stories are uncomfortable, such is the story of an American couple (American cousins ​​turned lovers). Both fell in love, got married, had a child… but the most uncomfortable thing is that they are both siblings! In a country like India, where the brother-sister relationship is considered a sacred and beautiful relationship, people abroad have spoiled this relationship.

According to the Daily Star News site report, Michael Lee and Angela Paeng, residents of Utah, USA, were cousins. Both were first cousins ​​of each other (children of uncle-aunt, maternal uncle-aunt, aunt-aunt, aunt-aunt). Of course, this relationship was very close, but the two fell in love with each other. Both had also appeared in the Extreme Love Show of Amazon Prime in which they recounted their life.

both fell in love
Both grew up playing together since childhood and both had developed a good friendship from a young age. They had also fallen in love with each other until they were young, but when the family found out, they separated Michael and Angela from each other. The two haven’t met for years. Their marriages were also to different people, but sadly, the two marriages broke up after 10 years. Years later, when they reunited at a family function, they realized their love for each other was alive. They started dating in secret.

Obscene photo posted on a family group
After dating, they realized that the family also needed to be told about this relationship. Then he made a very strange decision. To break the news, he posted a photo of him kissing in the family group on Facebook. Seeing it, the family members lost their minds and had to pay for their catch! It was because he thought people would be okay with it, but no one was okay with this relationship. A lot of people even stopped talking to him. Although the situation is opposite, the two got married and in 2020 they also had a child. However, Michael passed away in 2021 and now Angela is a single mother.

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