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Burkina Faso: 35 killed and 37 injured in the explosion of an IED, businessmen and students were victims of the accident



Burkina Faso: At least 35 civilians were killed and 37 civilians were reportedly injured in an IED (improvised explosive device) explosion in the African country of Burkina Faso on Monday. Giving this information, the governor of the Sohail region said that a convoy going to the Sohail region was attacked by “IED” by jihadists and that at least 35 people lost their lives there.

The incident happened on Monday as an army-led convoy delivered supplies to towns in the troubled northern region on the road from Borjanga to Jibo, officials quoted by AFP news agency as saying. At that time, a vehicle carrying civilians in the convoy collided with an improvised explosive device (IED), in which 35 civilians were killed and 37 injured.

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“Escorts quickly secured the location and began assisting the victims,” the statement read. The statement also said the convoy left for Burkina Faso’s capital, Ouagadougou, from the north. The jihadists carried out this attack on Monday. It is feared that Al-Qaeda or the Islamic State group was behind the attack.

Jihadist groups have carried out similar attacks in the past. In early August, 15 soldiers were killed in a double IED attack in the same area. The jihadist group also carried out attacks on the roads linking the main towns in the north to Dori and Jibo. This landlocked African country has been under the grip of Islamist terrorists since 2015. These jihadists continue to attack villages, police and police stations every day here. Due to which more than 2000 people lost their lives and more than 19 lakh people left their homes to save their lives.

The maximum number of civilians, drivers and businessmen who lost their lives in the accident was

The AFP news agency reported that the maximum number of civilians, drivers and businessmen who lost their lives in the supply convoy accident was. According to a resident of Jibo, “several dozen vehicles including trucks and public transport buses” were affected in the accident. According to a local citizen, “the victims are mainly traders who traveled to Ouagadougou to buy goods and students returned to the capital for their school”.

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