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California Flood 2023: Will California Drown? Heavy rains and stormy winds wreaked havoc, lives of thousands of people were miserable



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Heavy rain increased the risk of flooding in California, United States, on Saturday
Stormy weather has increased the risk of rivers overflowing
The weather service warned of flooding

San Francisco. Stormy weather with heavy rain in California, United States, increased the danger on Saturday. The risk of flooding on city roads, overflowing rivers and land subsidence is increasing. It rained heavily in the Bay Area on Saturday. There is also a chance of a thunderstorm on Monday. The National Weather Service predicted 6 to 12 inches of rain in northern and central California.

The National Weather Service (NWS) predicted light rain this weekend in Los Angeles and stormy weather Monday with the possibility of up to 20 centimeters of rain in the mountainous region. Recent rains and storms in California have left thousands of homes without power, flooded streets and killed at least six people.

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San Francisco has received more than 10 inches of rain since Christmas, Dec. 26, while Mammoth Mountain, a famous ski resort in the Eastern Sierra, received about 10 feet of snow. Snowstorms forced people to stay home. More than 34,000 people are without power in Mendocino County in northern California due to inclement weather. Traffic on the road has also become difficult. On Saturday, the National Weather Service warned that central California could be flooded if the rains continue.

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