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California mass shooting: Police surround accused, shooting continues from both sides



Monterrey Park. Police surrounded the accused in connection with the attack after the Lunar New Year holiday (California Mass Shooting) in Los Angeles, USA. However, police are still investigating whether the shooter fled in a white van after the attack. The wanted suspect is surrounded by police in the town of Torrance, about 28 miles south of Monterey Park. Police said a shootout was continuing between SWAT officers and the suspected shooter.

According to local media, the white van was surrounded by police from all sides. However, it is unclear if the alleged shooter is inside and if so, what condition he is in. Police are searching for a suspect in a shooting that killed 10 people in Monterey Park near Los Angeles. Currently, a standoff is unfolding between police and a white van, which police believe may be linked to the case.

Aerial footage showed a white transit van surrounded by two armored police vehicles while a large number of police cruisers were parked nearby in Torrance, south of Los Angeles. The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department has released photos of the suspect in the Monterey Park mass shooting. Last Saturday night, a gunman opened fire killing 10 people and injuring 10 others. The police gave this information.

Police said they were looking for the suspected shooter. This is the fifth mass murder incident in America. Capt. Andrew Meyer of the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department said Sunday that the injured were hospitalized. He says that 10 people died on the spot. He said when officers arrived at the scene, people were “running out screaming”. He said officers went to the “dance hall” and firefighters treated the injured.

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