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“China is preparing for war against the United States”, Nikki Haley warns the government



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In 2024, Republican presidential candidate Nikki Haley made a big statement regarding China.
Haley said China was preparing for war with America.
Nikki said China now has the largest naval fleet in the world.

Washington: Presidential elections are going to be held in America next year. Meanwhile, in 2024, Republican presidential candidate Nikki Haley gave the US government a big warning. Citing China’s amazing naval capabilities and advances in military technology, Haley raised the question of a serious threat to the United States.

According to Hindustan Times, Haley told Fox News on Sunday that “if you look at the military situation, they now have the largest naval fleet in the world.” Haley explained: “They have 340 ships, we have 293 ships. They will have 400 ships in two years, we won’t even have 350 in two decades. They began to develop hypersonic missiles. we have just started.

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Haley also criticized officers for the US military’s increasingly vigilant culture. He said China is ahead of America in many important security areas. Haley said: “They (China) are modernizing their military, our military is taking gender pronouns courses. See what they’re doing on cyber, artificial intelligence, space – they’re ahead of us.

Haley further said, “We have to do some work and we have to strengthen our military. We have to make sure we are right. The former US ambassador to the United Nations has sounded the alarm that China is preparing for war against the United States. Haley warned: “If we keep waiting to deal with them tomorrow, they’ll deal with us today.”

Let us tell you that during a speech unveiling his China policy last week, Haley called the Asian giant an “enemy,” Communist China is more than just a “competitor.” He proposed limiting trade relations with China and called the country “the most dangerous foreign threat it has faced since World War II”.

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