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China’s back will be broken, America will ban the dragon to stop the attack on Taiwan!



Strong points

US mulls options for China sanctions package
Taiwan seeks new sanctions beyond semiconductor and chip curbs on China
According to experts, China’s ban may have an adverse effect on the economy of many countries.

Washington, The United States may soon announce sanctions against the dragon to prevent China from attacking Taiwan. According to a report by the Reuters news agency, the United States is considering options for a set of sanctions against China to prevent possible attacks on Taiwan. At the same time, Taiwan is pressuring the European Union to impose similar sanctions against China.

Taiwan is lobbying
Taiwan is lobbying the US and EU at different levels amid fears of Chinese aggression. Although sanctions negotiations are still in their early stages, US officials appear to be serious about imposing sanctions on China. Taiwan demands strict action beyond US sanctions on certain semiconductors and chips imposed on China. According to the report, the sources gave no information on how the restrictions are being considered. But the call for a ban on the world’s second-largest economy and the biggest link in the global supply chain raises many questions. Experts say imposing sanctions on China can have a detrimental effect on the economy of many countries.

Describing China sanctions as difficult, Nazak Nikkhtar, a former senior US Commerce Department official, said imposing sanctions on China is likely a much more complicated exercise than sanctions on Russia. The former official believes that sanctions against China will have a very bad effect not only on the world but also on America.

Taiwan’s “flea diplomacy”
Taiwan, a country that manufactures more than 90% of the world’s nanochips, has highlighted its chip diplomacy over China sanctions. The United States constantly encourages the Taiwanese semiconductor industry to establish units in its country. In such a situation, instead of sending its highly advanced technology to America, Taiwan pressures China to impose sanctions. Right now, America understands the adverse effects of imposing sanctions on China, after which it can make a decision on this.

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