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China’s own policy is expensive; Big Business Walks Away, This Time Dell Kicked Off



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Dell is America’s largest technology company
Dell wants to reduce the use of chips made in China
Tensions rise between China and America

New Delhi. Dell Technologies Inc plans to stop using chips made in China by 2024 and has asked suppliers to reduce the amount of other Chinese-made components in its products amid tensions between the United States and Beijing. This information was received from Nikkei.

The company told its suppliers late last year that it was aiming to drastically reduce the amount of chips made in China, including those produced in facilities owned by non-Chinese chipmakers. This information was given citing three people connected to the case.

The Biden administration had made the decision
Last October, the Biden administration issued new export control rules. In this, steps have been taken to separate China from certain semiconductor chips manufactured all over the world with American equipment. This is done in an effort to slow down Beijing’s technological and military progress.

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With this new rule, top toolmakers must stop shipping their equipment to 100% Chinese-owned factories. Who manufacture advanced logic chips. Senior government officials said many of the new rules were aimed at preventing foreign companies from selling advanced chips to China or supplying Chinese companies with equipment to manufacture their own advanced chips.

The Biden administration’s move could slow China’s advanced weapons and missile development program. Along with that, there may be a problem about his ongoing research for the space. This decision by the Biden administration would be the start of an undeclared war between the United States and China in the technology sector.

Let us tell you that China is busy promoting the semiconductor industry. China can also announce a big package to increase its dominance in the world, including the country. However, other countries understand this policy of China very well. That’s why US President Joe Biden signed a US$52.7 billion bill last year to support US semiconductor producers and strengthen their competitive position with China. Under this framework, the semiconductor industry will receive a subsidy of around $52 billion, but this subsidy will only be given to companies that will not do any business with China in the chip sector for ten years. After the bill was passed, the Chinese Foreign Ministry raised strong objections.

In a way Dell has planned to stop using chips made in China by 2024. So, at the same time, many companies are now stopping production in China. These include the names of big companies like Apple and Google.

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