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China’s problems have increased! Another country came to support America and Taiwan, know what the plan is…



Washington. Amid the China-Taiwan conflict, the United States turned the Philippines on its side to support Taiwan, so this is worrying news for China. The root of the controversy began when US President Nancy Pelosi visited Taiwan, dismissing millions of threats from China. Since then, China has intensified its action in the Taiwan area. Although America always stands with Taiwan and also tries to end the atmosphere of this war.

Philippine Ambassador to the United States Jose Manuel Romualdez has said the Southeast Asian country will allow the US military to use its military bases in conflict with Taiwan, provided the United States promises to also protect the Philippines.

According to a Nikkei Asia report, Romualdez explained that the bilateral Enhanced Defense Cooperation Agreement signed in 2014 allows the United States to have a military presence in five locations in the Philippines. He said Manila and Washington are also in talks to increase the number of bases the US military can use. Romualdez further said that former Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte had expressed his views on the use of his country’s military bases in the United States during the Taiwan conflict, but there were few signs of official talks. about this question.

According to the report, the US Department of Defense is concerned that US forces do not have sufficient logistical capacity to refuel and re-attack during a regional military confrontation. Using Philippine military bases will help the troops with the necessary logistical footprint against the PLA.

Many Chinese drones that entered Taiwan launched food packets and letters, jokingly writing – you can’t afford to eat

In fact, China also continues to harass the Philippines over the South China Sea dispute. The United States has a defense agreement with the Philippines that if there is an attack in the South China Sea, the United States will protect the Philippines. The agreement was signed by US Secretary of State Antony Blinken. Let us tell you that since 2009, Beijing has tried to strengthen its claims in the South China Sea, and as a result, relations between China and the Philippines have steadily deteriorated. In 2021, the Philippines Defense Minister accused the Chinese Coast Guard of harassment and intimidation.

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