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Chinese hacker gang ‘Vinti’ defrauded America and stole millions of dollars from Covid relief



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A gang of Chinese hackers have defrauded America immensely.
Since 2020, the gang has stolen hundreds of millions of dollars from US COVID-19 relief.
The US Secret Service revealed it on Monday.

Washington. Since 2020 alone, gangs of Chinese hackers have defrauded the United States and stolen hundreds of millions of dollars from the US COVID-19 relief benefit plan. The US Secret Service revealed it on Monday. The Secret Service refused to give too much information about it. But he confirmed that a gang of Chinese hackers are responsible for all this tampering. Which is notorious in cybersecurity circles like APT41 or Winnti. APT41 is said to be a huge gang of cybercriminals.

According to cyber security experts, cyber infiltrators who support the Chinese government and people who steal data for money run a mixed cyber crime organization in this gang. Several members of this hacking group were indicted by the US Department of Justice in 2019 and 2020 for spying on more than 100 companies, including software development companies, telecommunications service providers, social media companies and video game developers. The Chinese Embassy in Washington did not immediately respond to a request for comment on the overall matter.

Hackers hack into American Airlines computer system and steal customer data

Former Deputy Attorney General Jeffrey Rosen said at the time that it was unfortunate that the Chinese Communist Party had chosen a different path to make China safe for cybercriminals. This continues until they attack computers outside of China and steal intellectual property useful to China. Significantly, hackers from China are currently busy in data theft and hacking work all over the world including America. Their main goal is to steal the information about new research that is happening all over the world. So that they can acquire all the new technologies without investing money or special human resources.

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