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Chinese Hardware Secretly Inserted In F-35 Jets Engine, Angry Pentagon Halts Supply



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The US Department of Defense, the Pentagon, has halted the supply of new F-35 aircraft.
The magnet used in the engine of the aircraft was made from materials imported from China.
The Pentagon said that in the future, an alternative material will be used in the turbomachine.

Washington. The US Department of Defense’s Pentagon halted supplies of new F-35 jets after learning that the magnets used in fighter jet engines were made from unapproved materials imported from China. Then it was secretly installed in America’s most advanced fighter jet. Lockheed Martin, the plane’s manufacturer, discovered that some of the material used in the plane’s engine was made in China. The Department of Defense and the company said the news was true.

According to a report from the ANI news agency, irritated at not following the rules correctly, the Pentagon has temporarily stopped the supply of F-35 planes. The Defense Contracts Management Agency told the F-35 Joint Program Office Aug. 19 that the alloy used in the F-35’s turbomachinery pump magnets was produced in China. Bureau spokesman Russell Gomere said in a statement that the program office has temporarily halted supply of the F-35 aircraft to ensure the F-35 program’s compliance with the Defense Specialty Metals Regulations. . The Pentagon and Lockheed have said that in the future an alternate source of alloy will be used in turbomachinery.

US, UK and Israel ban flight of F-35 fighter jets

Lockheed manufactures the F-35 planes, while the Honeywell company produces the turbomachines. In late August, Honeywell was told by one of its suppliers that it was using an alloy sourced from China for the turbomachine, which was then magnetized in the United States. While clarifying in a statement, it was said that there is no harm from China’s alloy magnet. Information on sensitive defense programs cannot be obtained from this magnet under any circumstances. The F-35 Joint Program Office also said these items will not affect the flight of the fifth-generation F-35 fighter jet already in service.

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