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Civil war breaks out in Sudan, violent clashes leave at least 47 dead, 380 injured, 3 UN staff among dead



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At least 47 people have been killed in violent clashes in Sudan.
Three UN employees were also among the dead.
A rebel group claims to seize 3 airports as well as the presidential palace.

Khartoum. The Sudanese Doctors Association said at least 47 people had been killed and 380 injured in heavy clashes in the country. According to media reports, three United Nations employees are also among those who died. Rapid Support Forces (RSF), a Sudanese armed group that jumped into battle with the army to seize power in the country, claimed to have captured the country’s presidential palace in Khartoum as well as three airports. The global community expressed concern over the condition of Sudan trapped in civil war and urged all parties to end the violence.

Many people were riddled with bullets in Khartoum, the capital of Sudan. Heavy fighting was taking place between the army and its rival group the Rapid Support Forces (RSF) at the presidential palace, state television and army headquarters. Among those killed are three UN personnel, who were shot after shooting between the two sides at a military base. The violent clashes took place after tensions between the two sides escalated over a plan for civilian rule change. The army and its rival Rapid Support Forces (RSF) claimed to have regained control of the airport and other key sites in Khartoum. Fighting continued throughout the night to seize these places.

Clashes between tribes in Sudan, 170 people died

Violence has also been reported elsewhere in the country, including in towns in Sudan’s Darfur region. The army said jets were attacking RSF positions. The Sudanese Air Force asked people to stay at home on Saturday evening. The people of Khartoum are forced to live in constant terror and fear. The sound of gunfire could be heard constantly in the adjacent houses. According to the World Food Program (WFP), RSF looted many of their vehicles.

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