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Concerned by the disappearance of two Indians in Kenya, the Ministry of External Affairs sprang into action



Nairobi. Concern grows over two Indians missing in Kenya. One of them is Zulfikar Khan, former chief operating officer (COO) of Balaji Telefilms, while the other missing person is named Mohammad Zaid Sami. There is no trace of them since July 21. After the Indian Ministry of External Affairs expressed concern for the safety of these missing Indians, the Kenyan administration promised to take swift action to find them.

Kenya’s Director of Public Prosecutions, Nordin M Haji, said in a statement that Khan and Sami were still nowhere to be found. An investigation report in this regard will be filed as soon as possible.

Regarding these two Indians, the Foreign Ministry said on Monday that in this matter, the Indian High Commission has urged President William Samoi Ruto to expedite his investigation. Foreign Ministry Spokesman Arindam Bagchi while answering questions from reporters said, “We are in regular contact with the Government of Kenya to find the two missing Indians, Zulfiqar Ahmed Khan and Zaid Sami Kidwai.” .

Bagchi said Kenya’s high commissioner in New Delhi was also summoned to the ministry on October 23 and “he was briefed on our concerns about it.” “Our High Commission in Kenya is in contact with the families of the two missing Indians and is providing support,” he said. He said the Kenya Police Foreign Affairs Unit (FAU) was actively investigating the case.

“The circumstances surrounding the abduction (of Indians) and the lack of information about it are disturbing and we hope that a detailed investigation will be carried out into the matter,” Bagchi said. He said it has come to light that several people have been arrested in the case, including officers from the recently disbanded special services unit of the Kenya Police.

In fact, Dennis Itumbi, a digital strategist who worked on Ruto’s election campaign, had recently predicted Khan and Sami’s deaths in a Facebook post. Itumbi said Khan was part of the expedition. (with language input)

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