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Corona: Vaccine vaccine will now take place every year in America, President Biden has announced



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The Covid vaccine will now take place every year in America
President Joe Biden announced it on Tuesday.
People aged 12 and over have been asked to take another dose of the vaccine

Washington. In America, every measure is taken to avoid Covid. Announcing on Tuesday, President Joe Biden said that every year the Covid-19 vaccine application program is launched. Along with this, the Biden administration has urged US citizens to take authorized booster shots to combat the new variant of the corona virus. According to the AP, President Biden said in a statement that as new variants of the virus arrive, we will be able to update our vaccine every year. Like the annual flu shot, Americans can take it until Halloween, he said.

In fact, this announcement came after a briefing from US health officials. It was said in the briefing that corona virus booster injections have been approved. In this case, people 12 years and older were asked to take another dose of the vaccine, if they have not taken it yet. Ashish Jha, White House Covid-19 Response Team Coordinator, said “for a large community in America, the annual Covid vaccine will provide a high level of protection against serious disease throughout the ‘year”. This is an important step.

Meanwhile, America’s top infectious disease expert, Anthony Fauci, has warned that ‘rapid changes in the virus can increase the risk of infection, if the vaccine is not taken at the right time and at the right intervals’. . Fauchi further stated that if another variation comes in the middle, all bets are void. So we have to be more careful.

US President Biden said in his announcement on Tuesday that starting this week, thousands of pharmacies, doctors’ offices and community health centers, among others, will be able to get the vaccine for people age 12 and older. According to data from Johns Hopkins University, a total of 94,880,701 corona virus cases and 1,048,134 deaths have been recorded in the United States so far. Meanwhile, around 606,094,157 cases of the virus have been recorded globally so far.

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