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Couple Found Big Treasure In Their Dad’s Basement, Reached The Bank, And Got This Answer



New Delhi. A couple living in Los Angeles won the lottery while cleaning the basement of their house. In the basement, he found a treasure chest filled with old coins from the 20th century. The total number of these hard copper coins is one million. Their total cost would be $10,000. However, now the biggest problem in front of this couple is that the coins are so old and in large numbers that no bank is willing to exchange them.

During a conversation with Ketla, a media institute in Los Angeles, John Reyes said that my wife and I clean the house before making repairs. During this time, we found coins worth about a million dollars in my father-in-law’s old house. These coins were found in old boxes and bank bags. These bags of parts were kept in a small place in the corner inside the basement.

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Father had hidden coins in the basement
John Reyes’ wife says her father is a German immigrant. Once upon a time he lived in this house. We intended to repair and rebuild this house. The biggest problem facing us is that no bank is ready to accept these coins. A bank told us that they did not have enough space to store these coins securely.

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In early news from the United States Mint, the coins were said to be pure copper. Later it was said that these were parts coated with zinc on steel, because when these parts were made in 1943, copper was used during World War II. After 1982, parts were mainly made from zinc metal.

Family looking for an online buyer
John Reyes is now looking for online buyers for these pieces. The price of these old coins worth 10 thousand dollars was set by this family two and a half times more or 25 thousand dollars. They believe that someone will definitely show interest in buying these coins. According to Inside’s report, if this family gets a price of $25,000 instead of these coins, then it will be the biggest antique coin offering in America so far. So far, the biggest bid for old coins has reached $20,000.

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