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Couple received 21-21 lashes for kissing in Muslim country; torn skin



Jakarta: An unmarried couple caught kissing in Indonesia have been publicly whipped as punishment. Officers caught a 23-year-old man and a 24-year-old woman who were allegedly intimate in a parked car. According to Sindo News report, the two were whipped 21-21 in the presence of ordinary people in the Bustanul Salatin complex on the island of Sumatra. This cruel punishment was meted out to this couple in public and people continued to watch the woman fall to the ground during the beatings.

The couple was punished earlier with 25 lashes, later they were limited to 21 lashes. The head of the criminal investigation department of the Banda Aceh prosecutor’s office, Isnawati K, said: “They both violated the Zinayat law,” Mirror reported. [इस्लामिक आपराधिक कानून] Section 25 paragraph (1) of Agreement No. 6 has been violated. According to a Daily Star report, the couple were seen kissing in the port area of ​​Ule Li in the city of Banda Aceh in Sumatra.

According to a Daily Star report, a policeman saw a parked car move. When he arrived there to investigate, he found the couple kissing. The youth was held in Lhokanga prison in Aceh Besar, while the woman was held in Kazhu detention center. Let us tell you that Indonesia is a predominantly Muslim country, where 90% of the population follows the religion of Islam. However, Islamic law is not applicable throughout the country. In fact, Aceh is the only one of Indonesia’s 34 provinces that can legally adopt Sharia-derived regulations.

According to the MailOnline report, Ash legally adopted sharia-derived regulations after a 2005 autonomy agreement with the central government to curb claims by the separatist movement. Aceh has a “proximity” law, which means that proximity between unmarried people of the opposite sex can be considered criminal in certain circumstances, and public flogging is a common punishment for those who break this rule.

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