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Cut tongue, cracked jaw but not even a drop of blood… The mysterious death of 6 cows caused a stir here



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6 cows have been found mutilated on the streets of Texas.
The tongues and jaws of all the cows were cut off.
There was no sign of blood spatter there.

Washington: 6 cows were found mutilated on the road in Texas on Wednesday. Officials are shocked by this mysterious death, as everyone’s tongue and jaw have been cut out. Officials said there was no evidence of blood spatter at this location. It’s mysterious, because there were no footprints or tire tracks around them. No cows were killed by torture. The Madison County Sheriff’s Office gave the information via a Facebook post on Wednesday.

The Madison County Sheriff’s Office said on Facebook Wednesday that Madison County ranchers have reported a dead and mutilated 6-year-old Longhorn cross cow for the first time. The sheriff’s office said the animal’s tongue was removed. The skin on one side of his mouth was also cut. Officials say the cows did not struggle during the incident because the grass around them showed no signs of upset. He said no footprints or tire marks were found in the area.

After this incident, the officials are engaged in the investigation of the death of the cows. Investigators take the help of agencies to solve the mysterious case. In The Independent’s report, officials also shared a phone number and said anyone wishing to give information relating to the case can contact investigators. Recently, there was a painful accident involving cows in West Texas, USA. More than 18,000 cows have been killed after a massive explosion at a dairy farm. It was the first incident of its kind in America in which so many cattle were killed.

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