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Cyclone bombing in the United States: 31 dead, blackout and people stranded in houses; Trahimam because of a snowstorm in America!



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The bomb cyclone continued to wreak havoc in most parts of eastern America, even on Christmas Day.
Heavy snowfall and freezing cold weather made Christmas Day dangerous for millions of Americans.
The worst conditions were seen in Buffalo, in western New York.

New York. Bomb Cyclone continued to wreak havoc in most parts of Eastern America, even on Christmas Day. Christmas Day for millions of Americans on Sunday was also fraught with danger and trouble due to heavy snowfall and freezing cold from this severe winter storm. The worst conditions were seen in Buffalo, in western New York. The snowstorm has rendered the whole town helpless. Even emergency services are unable to reach the areas affected by the accident. So far, 31 people have died from this severe snowstorm across America.

According to AFP news agency, Buffalo native and New York Governor Cathy Hochul said it looks like this area is a battlefield. The number of vehicles lying on the side of the roads is shocking. Where eight feet (2.4 meters) of snow fell and power outages created more deadly conditions. Hochul told reporters on Sunday evening that residents of the city are still in the grip of a very dangerous situation that puts their lives at risk. He warned everyone in the area to stay indoors. While in many states in eastern America, more than 200,000 people had to spend Christmas without electricity. In 9 states of America, 31 people have been confirmed dead due to the Bomb Cyclone. Including the death of 4 people in Colorado. At least 12 people have died in New York State. Authorities have warned that the death toll could rise.

A snowstorm wreaks havoc in America, 24 people are dead, millions forced to live in darkness!

Emergency service teams are fighting an uphill battle to find people in need of help. They have to search for bodies for hours in vehicles and under the snow. A senior official said power was not expected to return to some people’s homes until Tuesday due to frozen power substations. While a frozen substation would have been buried under 18 feet of snow. According to tracking site, more than 2,400 flights were canceled on Sunday. Passengers were stranded throughout Christmas Day at airports including Atlanta, Chicago, Denver, Detroit and New York.

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