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Cyclone Freddy: Cyclone Freddy wreaks havoc in Malawi, hundreds dead…thousands of homes destroyed, millions displaced



Malawi: Cyclone Freddy wreaked havoc in South African Malawi. The death toll in Malawi from Cyclone Freddy has risen from 225 to 326. Two weeks of national mourning and an emergency have been declared in the country. The country’s president said on Thursday that the total number of victims in southern Africa had exceeded 400 since February. Rescuers are looking for more bodies as the chances of finding survivors on the South African mainland have diminished following the cyclone.

According to the AFP report, the number of displaced people has risen to 183,159. Malawian President Chakwera has resumed his appeal for global aid. Flooding and mud caused by torrential rains this week have trapped many survivors, as rescuers search for victims. More than 300 emergency shelters have been set up for survivors, while the army and police have been deployed to deal with the crisis.

Chakwera said, “The cyclone has destroyed property, homes, crops and infrastructure, including bridges, which need to be rebuilt immediately. Southern Africa faced the first cyclone at the end of February. Madagascar and Mozambique are also affected by the cyclone. The rain has eased since Wednesday, but Freddy is still on track to become one of the world’s longest tropical storms. In Mozambique, the storm has killed at least 73 people and displaced thousands in recent weeks, and another 17 have died in Madagascar. Mozambican President Filipe Nyusi has also called for emergency aid to rebuild destroyed infrastructure after visiting Zambezia province, which borders Malawi.

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Prime Minister Modi also expressed his grief
On Tuesday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi expressed concern over Cyclone Freddy. He expressed his sorrow over the devastation in Malawi, Mozambique and Madagascar and said India stood with the people of the affected countries in difficult times.

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FIRST POST: March 17, 2023, 09:42 HST