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Cyclone Mocha: Myanmar in trouble from Cyclone Mocha, road water at home, flood devastation, know the situation



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Winds at a speed of 209 km/h near the town of Sittwe
The roofs of sports complexes have fallen on Coco Island, about 425 km southwest of the largest city of Yangon
Road congestion due to rain, people stuck in houses in low areas

Dhaka: Cyclonic storm ‘Mocha’ hits the coastal areas of Bangladesh and Myanmar. Due to the cyclone, it rains heavily and the winds blow at a speed of 209 kilometers per hour. Due to this, areas around the Bay of Bengal are also flooded. Nearly 1,000 people were rescued by rescue workers on Monday after powerful Cyclone Mocha made landfall in Myanmar, flooding areas near the country’s west coast with up to 12ft of seawater. , the communication blackout was cut in this part of Myanmar and hundreds of people were injured. Although the damage caused by the cyclone and the death toll are not yet known.

A leader of the Rakhine Youth Philanthropic Association in Sittwe, who asked not to be named, said more than 700 people were injured in incidents caused by the high winds, and some 20,000 people took refuge in places like monasteries, pagodas and schools in Sittwe. .. took refuge in places.

He said seawater entered low-lying areas in the coastal region after Cyclone Mocha made landfall in Rakhine State on Sunday. Residents take shelter on roofs and upper floors of houses while immediate relief operations are hampered by high winds and gusty winds.

The rescue group leader said the storm weakened slightly at 4pm yesterday but the water had not receded. Most people spent the night on the roofs and upper floors of their homes. Strong winds continued to blow throughout the night.

He said about 5 feet of water remained filled in flood-affected areas until Monday morning, but rescue work continued after the winds died down and the sun came out. He called on civic organizations and authorities to send aid and evacuate residents.

Earlier, due to the cyclone, it was reported that 3 people died in Myanmar and many people were injured in neighboring Bangladesh. Although Bangladesh largely survived the effect of this cyclone.

Myanmar’s meteorological department said Cyclone Mocha caused winds of up to 209 kilometers per hour near the town of Sittwe in Rakhine State on Sunday afternoon. The storm first passed through the island of St. Maarten in Bangladesh, causing significant damage and casualties there. Earlier in the day, several mobile towers were uprooted due to strong winds, which cut communication links in most of the region.

Media in Rakhine reported that rains from the cyclone flooded roads, trapping people in their homes in low-lying areas.

Myanmar’s military information office said the storm damaged homes, power transformers, cellphone towers, boats and streetlights in the towns of Sittwe, Kyukpyu and Gwa. He said the storm had also caused the roofs of sports complexes to collapse on Koko Island, about 425 km southwest of the country’s largest city, Yangon.

In Sittwe, which has a population of 300,000, more than 4,000 people were brought from other towns and more than 20,000 took refuge in monasteries, pagodas and high-altitude areas of the city, Tin Nyan Oo said. , who works in shelters in Sittwe. Have taken refuge in solid buildings such as schools located

Lin Lin, chairman of a local charity, said there was not enough food in the shelters in Sittwe after more people arrived than expected.

Titan Mitra, the representative of the United Nations Development Program in Myanmar, tweeted that Mocha had struck. 20 lakh people are in danger. Losses and damage should be widespread. We are ready to face it and we will have to provide uninterrupted assistance to all affected communities. Several people were reportedly killed in Myanmar on Sunday due to strong winds and rain.

Authorities in Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh, which fell in the path of Cyclone Mocha, had earlier said they had evacuated thousands of people to safety. Azizur Rahman, director of the Meteorological Department of Bangladesh in Dhaka, said that although in the afternoon it looked like the storm had moved east and most of the country remained untouched. He told reporters that the level of risk in Bangladesh had dropped significantly.

At 8:30 a.m. Indian time, the remnant of cyclonic storm “Mocha” is said to have weakened into a well-marked area of ​​low pressure over northeast Myanmar. The depression (remainder of Cyclone “Mocha”) over Myanmar moved southeastward and created a well-marked area of ​​low pressure over northeast Myanmar and surrounding areas at 08:30 IST today , May 15, 2023. Weakened in an area of ​​well-marked low pressure). The system should weaken into a low pressure area over the next few hours. This is the last bulletin of this system.

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