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Daddy’s angel was getting smart! Incredible trick used to cheat the airline…know it all



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The girl was traveling from Melbourne to Adelaide in Australia.
Meanwhile, the weight of her bag was over.
The girl carried a cloth weighing 5.5 kg to avoid baggage fees.

New Delhi. Everyone is conscious when carrying luggage on an airplane. Baggage fees are charged for excess baggage, so people try to carry less baggage on their trips. However, some people find tricks to avoid these baggage fees. A girl from Australia took another type of jugaad to avoid baggage fees. But they say when the luck is bad, then what can you do.

According to the New York Post, an airline girl recently went to great lengths to avoid paying excess baggage fees. He put on several packed clothes to reduce the weight of his suitcase. However, the viral travel hack adopted by many did not work for him. Eventually his pole was exposed and the airline fined him. The airline told him he would have to pay a $65 fine.

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Adriana Ocampo, 19, was traveling on Jetstar airline from Melbourne to her home in Adelaide, Australia, after traveling with her friend, according to the report. Meanwhile, when he realized his hand luggage had exceeded the maximum weight limit of seven kilograms. So he packed all his extra clothes to avoid extra baggage charges. His friend also did the same because the weight of his friend’s bag was also greater.

The report says the girl was wearing around 6kg of clothes, including t-shirts, jackets, sweaters and pants. Officer Ocampo said that during this time she looked “like a bear.” The girl said we think we can find the only way to reduce the weight of our bags. After that, we put it on ourselves. In addition to layers of jackets and sweaters, I wore baggy pants and slipped my iPad into my T-shirt. I had about six layers of clothes on me. My pocket was full of stuff.

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Such an incident happened in a Philippine airline
The girl added that everyone in the line was looking at us and laughing at us, it was rather embarrassing. In a similar incident in 2019, a Philippine airline passenger carried around 2.5kg of clothing to reduce the weight of his bag to 6.5kg. She also posted a hilarious photo on Facebook which showed her wearing about five pairs of pants and several t-shirts and jackets.

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