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Dangerous earthquake in Indonesia, 44 people died on the island of Java, 300 injured



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A strong earthquake struck Indonesia’s main island, Java, on Monday.
So far, 44 people have died in the quake and at least 300 have been injured.
The magnitude 5.6 earthquake was centered in the Cianjur area of ​​West Java province at a depth of 10 km.

New Delhi. A strong earthquake struck Indonesia’s main island, Java, on Monday. About 44 people died and at least 300 were injured in this earthquake. A local official provided this information. Herman Suhrman, a government official from the city of Cianjur in West Java, where the quake was the epicenter, told the Metro TV news channel that 44 people had died and more than 300 injured.

The 5.6-magnitude quake was centered at a depth of 10 kilometers (6.2 miles) in the Cianjur area of ​​West Java province, the Geological Survey said, according to AP news agency. The government official said it is possible that the death toll and the number of injured will increase. Many videos have been shared on social media regarding this earthquake. In which buildings can be seen shaking at the time of the earthquake.

Witnesses told Reuters news agency that some people evacuated offices in Jakarta’s central business district while others felt buildings shake and saw furniture move. Meanwhile, the head of the Indonesian Meteorological Agency said in the AFP report that we urge people to stay outside buildings for the time being as there could be aftershocks.

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Earlier in the morning, strong earthquake tremors were felt continuously for several seconds Monday in Jakarta, the capital of Indonesia. Because of this, frightened people had evacuated the buildings. The Meteorology and Geophysics Agency (BMKG) announced that a 5.6 magnitude earthquake occurred in the Indonesian capital Jakarta on Monday. BMKG said the earthquake’s epicenter was 10 km away in Cianjur, West Java. (6.21 miles) deep. There is no possibility of a tsunami because of this.

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