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Date ! Bought 6 special issue tickets and won a lottery worth 16.5 crores



Luck is really a big thing. No one knows when which side he will sit on. Something similar happened with a person. One day, this person realizes that today his luck will be with him and he buys six lottery tickets with this conviction. Indeed, his belief turns out to be correct and he earns Rs 16.5 crore.

According to a BBC report, this person is from Vietnam. He lives in America. One winter morning, he walks out of his house and heads straight for a liquor store in Massachusetts. He’s there lottery rooms. In fact, this shakht for 20 years play the lottery Used to be. Meanwhile, he realizes he has to bet on a particular number. He prepares a number by combining his birthday and his wedding anniversary. Then bets on that number. He buys six tickets of this number. Other than that, he doesn’t try any other numbers.

So what was it. God’s faith also wavered before his confidence. He wins the lottery on all six tickets. In this way, he earns a total of two million dollars (about Rs 16.5 crore) and an amount of 25 thousand dollars (amount of Rs 20.71 lakh) every year for 20 years. He becomes a millionaire in the blink of an eye. in 20 years lottery company Will also give about four crore rupees to that person.

This person’s name is Raymond Roberts. Even before that, Roberts was making numbers by combining birthday and anniversary date. Had already tried too. Although his luck was not with him at that time. He lives in Fall River, about 80 km from Boston. He received his award on December 15. There, people play lotteries. After becoming very rich in an instant, Robert said he would first buy himself a motorbike with that money.

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