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Deal reached in America, deal between GE and HAL, Biden and PM Modi to hold talks



Washington. An agreement has been signed between the American company GE Aerospace and Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL). Now, GE Aerospace and HAL will jointly manufacture fighter jet engines for the Indian Air Force. This very important agreement came at a time when Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi is on a state visit to America. This important agreement will strengthen defense cooperation between the two countries. There will be a historic summit between Prime Minister Narendra Modi and US President Joe Biden.

GE President and CEO H Lawrence Culp Jr. said this was made possible through our long partnership with India and HAL. This agreement is part of the Indian Air Force’s Light Combat Jet MK2 program. Indian Air Force LCA MK-ll F-414 jet engines will now be manufactured only in India. Hindustan Aeronautics Limited needed a powerful engine for the new incarnation of its indigenous Tejas fighter jet.

The Indian Air Force variant of Tejas has an American engine
The LCA Mark 2 required a powerful engine. The American company General Electric will transfer 80% of the jet engine technology to HHL. Until now, the variants of Tejas included in the Indian Air Force were equipped with the low-power F 404 engine from the American GE. America also uses this engine in its fighter planes.

A total of 99 engines will be manufactured under the agreement
GE gave this information in a press release. Under the agreement, the two will together manufacture a total of 99 engines for the LCA Mark 2. The Indian Air Force is to take about 120 LCA MK-2 jets. Apart from this, this engine is also to be installed in AMCA’s fifth generation aircraft – MK-1, the work of which is still in progress. The LCA MK-2 is single-engine, so GE Aerospace will work for the prototype of the AMCA MK-2 program, which will be a twin-engine aircraft.

GE Aerospace continues its collaboration with the Indian government
This agreement is considered important because so far India has received military aircraft from Russia and the European alliance. Recently, India had purchased Rafale fighter jets for the Indian Air Force from the French fighter jet manufacturer Dessan. At the same time, GE Aerospace will continue to work with the Indian government on the Advanced Medium Combat Aircraft (AMCA) Mk2 engine program.

This agreement will provide economic and national security to both countries.
The American company said: “We are proud of the role played by Biden and Modi in pursuing the vision of close coordination between the two countries. Our M414 engine is second to none and will bring significant economic and national security benefits to both countries as we produce high quality engines for our customers to meet their military needs.

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