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Death penalty for same-sex relationships in Uganda, president approves new law, out of LGBTQ reach, but…



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Uganda approves new law against homosexuality.
Homosexuality is punishable by death in many cases.
Under the new law, LGBTQ people were not subject to any crime.

Kampala. Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni has approved a new law, which can also carry the death penalty in many cases for homosexuality. The tough new anti-gay law has been hailed by many in the East African country, but has been widely criticized by rights activists at home and abroad. However, the new law does not criminalize LGBTQ people, which has been a major concern for many. They condemned the first bill as a serious violation of human rights. After which it was removed.

However, the new law still provides for the death penalty for “aggravated homosexuality”. This includes sexual relations with people infected with HIV as well as with minors and people belonging to other vulnerable sections of society. According to the law, a suspect who “attempts to have a homosexual relationship” can be imprisoned for up to 14 years. Previously, President Museveni returned the bill to the National Assembly in April. This has been changed to differentiate between those who identify as LGBTQ and those who actually engage in homosexuality.

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This angered some lawmakers, some of whom feared the president would veto the bill under international pressure. Lawmakers passed a revised version of the bill in early May. Homosexuality was already illegal in Uganda under a law dating back to colonial times. The penalty for the offense in this case was life imprisonment. However, America has warned of the economic consequences of this law. What Amnesty International called a very “tough” law. Significantly, out of 54 countries in Africa, homosexuality is a crime in over 30 countries.

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