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Death penalty pronounced by injection to the offender, and not by hanging; last wish requested



New York. A man was sentenced to death Thursday in America. This man named Tracy Beatty, 61, had killed his mother about 20 years ago. And then the corpse was buried in the garden. On Wednesday, the United States Supreme Court dismissed the appeal to stop the execution of BT’s lawyers. The lawyers had told the court that she suffered from a mental illness and that her sentence should therefore be waived.

Tracy Beatty received a lethal injection at Huntsville State Prison. He was pronounced dead at 6:39 p.m., 17 minutes after giving the injection. A lethal dose of pentobarbital was injected into a vein in the wrist. Let us tell you that there are different provisions regarding the death penalty in different US states. Criminals are hanged in India.

talk to his wife before death
Just before the sentencing process began, a prison priest placed his right hand on Beatty’s chest and offered a brief prayer. Then the director asked if he had the latest statement. Beatty then began talking to his wife, who was looking out the window a few feet away from him.

I do not want to leave you…
He said in a broken voice, ‘I just want to say thank you…I don’t want to leave you, baby. See you when you get there. I love you.’ Beatty, who had a long white beard and gray-white hair, thanked the other prisoners and named several of them. He said, “I love you, my brethren. See you soon in another world.

dead after 17 minutes
When the powerful injection took effect, BT took two deep breaths and started snoring. Seventeen minutes later, doctors declared him dead. Officials said Beatty buried the body of his 62-year-old mother near her home in Whitehouse, about 180 miles southeast of Dallas, then spent the money on drugs and alcohol.

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