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Democracy is in India’s DNA, PM Modi bluntly on human rights issue



New Delhi. Prime Minister Narendra Modi gave an apt response to an American reporter during a joint press conference with President Joe Biden. In reality, this journalist was trying to surround PM Modi by accusing him of discrimination in the name of religion in India. In response to this, Prime Minister Modi made it clear that India is a country built on democratic values. Here, no one enjoys special preference in the name of religion and caste. Prime Minister Modi said: “Democracy is in India’s and America’s DNA. You get everything you deserve in India. There is no discrimination on religion, caste, region, age, there is no discrimination of any kind in India. We live democracy, democracy is in our veins. Our government operates entirely on democracy. Sabka Saath Sabka Vikas is our principle. India and America, the two largest democracies in the world, can contribute to global peace, stability and prosperity. I believe that based on these values, we can respond to the aspirations of the world.

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lashed out at Pakistan without naming
Prime Minister Modi also maintained his opinion on the issue of terrorism. He said, “India and America go hand in hand in the fight against terrorism and fundamentalism. We agree that concrete action is needed to end cross-border terrorism. In this way, without directly naming Pakistan, India chastised Pakistan for spreading terrorism from US soil to the neighboring country.

What did the PM say about climate change?
As far as India is concerned, the environment and climate occupy an important place in our culture and traditions. The environment is a matter of faith for us. We do not believe in the exploitation of nature. India works not only to protect its environment but also to protect the world. We are taking a global initiative for this.

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partnership in space
Prime Minister Modi said, “Today holds special significance in the history of India-America relations. Our discussions today and the important decisions we have taken open a new chapter in our comprehensive global strategic partnership. You have new direction and new energy. We have agreed to adhere to the Artemis Accord. We have taken a new step in our space cooperation. The trade and investment partnership between India and the United States is important not only for the two countries, but also for the global economy.

America is India’s biggest trading partner
Prime Minister Narendra Modi added: “Today, America is India’s biggest trading partner. We both agree that bringing together governance, business and academic institutions is key to giving meaning to our strategic technology partnership. We both agree that governments, businesses and educational institutions must come together to realize our strategic technology partnership. We have also decided that as reliable partners amidst global uncertainties, the United States and India will create a reliable, secure and resilient global supply chain and value chain.

US Embassy to open in Bangalore-Ahmedabad
Prime Minister Narendra Modi said: “The presence of so many Indians in the White House is proof that American Indians are the real strength of our relationship. To further deepen these ties, we welcome the decision of the United States to open consulates in Bangalore and Ahmedabad. The decision to manufacture motors by General Electrics through technology transfer is a historic agreement. This will open up new employment opportunities in both countries. This will give a new dimension to our defense partnership in the future. Peace and security in the Indo-Pacific is our priority.

Modi also spoke about relations with China
Prime Minister Narendra Modi also outlined his position on a sensitive issue like China during a joint press conference with Joe Biden. On a question posed at the time, the Indian Prime Minister said, “I will meet Chinese President Xi Jinping soon.” There have been incidents between us that have caused confusion. US Secretary Blinken’s visit to China was also good. I also hope to meet Jingpin in the future

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