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Dictator Kim Jong is no deterrent! North Korea may retest nuclear America under tension due to intelligence report



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Kim Jong will probably do a nuclear test again – America
North Korea has conducted 6 nuclear tests since 2006.
The last nuclear test took place in 2017.

Washington: North Korean dictator Kim-Jong-Un is not deterring his missile tests. The US intelligence report said on Wednesday that Kim Jong would likely conduct a nuclear test again. It can do this with the campaign to build its nuclear arsenal. The 2023 annual threat assessment report states that “Kim will continue to fire nuclear-capable missiles in an effort to normalize its missile testing in Pyongyang.”

According to the HT report, North Korea has carried out 6 nuclear tests since 2006, with each explosion increasing in intensity. Its last nuclear test was in 2017. “North Korea may be preparing to test a nuclear device to further its stated goals of military modernization,” the report from the Office of the Director of National Intelligence said. “Kim certainly views nuclear weapons and ICBMs as the ultimate guarantors of his autocratic regime. He wants his country to gain international acceptance as a nuclear power.

North Korea funds its nuclear programs in part through the proceeds of criminal activity, including cryptocurrency theft. In a robbery in 2022, Pyongyang stole a record $625 million from a Singapore-based blockchain technology company. In recent years, North Korea has stepped up testing of intercontinental and ballistic missiles. Last year alone, more than 95 missiles were fired from North Korea.

For the past six months, North Korea has timed its missile launches in preparation for joint military exercises between the United States and South Korea. It was said in the report that Kim wants to reduce the strength of the defense relationship between the United States and South Korea. Although North Korea says it does this to protect its country so that opposing forces cannot target Kim’s country.

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