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Dictator provoked by US decision in South Korea, fired two ballistic missiles



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These two ballistic missiles fired near Pyongyang International Airport
South Korea strongly condemns North Korean missile launch
America sends nuclear ballistic missile submarine to South Korea for first time in 40 years

Ballistic missile test in North Korea: Every day, North Korea continues to do something or the other that creates tension on the Korean peninsula. Now the last case concerns the firing of short-range ballistic missiles. The launch of these missiles was carried out by North Korea at a time when America sent nuclear submarines to South Korea for the first time in 40 years.

Hours after the submarine reached South Korea, North Korea launched two missiles from its East Sea. After that, there were tensions on the Korean peninsula. Yonhap News Agency, citing South Korean military officials, said North Korea surprised everyone by firing two short-range ballistic missiles near Pyongyang International Airport on Wednesday (July 19) around 3:30 a.m. and 3:46 a.m.

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According to the Yonhap News Agency report, North Korea’s short-range ballistic missile traveled about 550 kilometers (340 miles). The U.S. Ohio-class ballistic missile submarine USS Kentucky left for the port of Busan in South Korea on Tuesday. But as soon as North Korea learned that the submarine was reaching South Korea, it launched two short-range ballistic missiles the very next day on Wednesday. After this ballistic missile launch, tensions rose between the two countries.

On the other hand, on this act of North Korea, South Korea’s Joint Chiefs of Staff claims that North Korean missiles fell outside Japan’s economic zone. However, there is no news of damage from the missile. South Korea has strongly condemned the launch of North Korean missiles. He said it is a threat to peace and stability in the region. South Korea and US forces are closely watching all sorts of actions in North Korea. South Korea also described this action by North Korea as a direct violation of the UN Security Council resolution.

In this regard, the US Indo-Pacific Command claims that information about the launch of the missile was received from North Korea. He talks to allies and partners. Referring to South Korea, the command said in a statement that while we have assessed these incidents as not posing a threat to U.S. personnel, the region or our allies, the missile launches highlight the destabilizing effect of the DPRK’s illegal weapons program.

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