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‘Dirty work for 10 seconds’ with a girl is not a crime! The Italian judge made a strange decision



Rome: In Italy, a man was acquitted of sexual assault charges. The defendant also accepted that he assaulted the girl. In fact, the moment of his crime is only a second, due to which the court acquitted him. There was a ruckus in Italy over this court decision. People use hashtags like brief fumbles or 10 seconds on social media to make sarcastic comments on the topic.

This case is from April 2022 in a high school in Rome. The accused has bad contact with a 17-year-old girl. According to a BBC report, the girl was walking up the stairs to class when a school guard allegedly pulled down her trousers, touched her buttocks and grabbed her underwear, then said he was joking. Later, the girl filed a complaint with the police.

The accused accepted his mistake
During the hearing, the man admitted to touching the girl and said it was done “jokingly”. Although the lawyer asked for a three-and-a-half-year prison sentence, the warden was acquitted this week of the sexual assault charge. The judge justified the acquittal by saying that the incident lasted less than 10 seconds and therefore did not meet the criteria to establish a crime.

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Ruckus on social media
After this decision, the Italians started posting 10-second videos while silently staring at the camera. During this 10 second period, he continued to touch her private parts. This video was first made by actor Paolo Camille after which everyone started making it and it started trending. Chiara Ferragni, Italy’s most famous influencer with 29.4 million Instagram followers, also posted the video.

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