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Do you know what happened to the general who supported the Wagner group in the rebellion against Putin?



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Russian General Surovikin was arrested for supporting the Wagner Group.
The Wagner group, which fought in Ukraine from Russia, now opposed Russia itself.

Moscow. Russia is now facing problems due to the Wagner group which cooperated in the war against Ukraine. The Wagner group has now opened its front against Russia itself. Meanwhile, news of General Sergei Surovikin’s arrest is front and center in Russia. However, so far no statement has been issued by the Russian Defense Ministry regarding this arrest. At the same time, the Moscow Times confirmed the arrest, citing two sources close to the ministry. News of General Sergei’s arrest is circulating in other Russian media.

Information about Surovikin’s arrest was received from sources.
The rebellion against President Putin began in the name of Wagner Teif Yevgeny Prigozhin last Saturday, since then General Sergei has disappeared. From last year, Sergei was appointed as a general in this war. However, at that time Sergei’s appointment was considered the right decision. A close source said General Surovikin’s condition was not good. I can’t say anything more than that. At the same time, another source said that the arrest of Surovikin was carried out in the case of Prigozhin.

Former General Surovikin arrested for supporting Chief Wagner
According to sources, Surovikin chose the Wagner Group between Putin and the Wagner Group, which is why he was arrested. On the other hand, when asked where Surovikin is, the source said that we cannot comment on this even through our internal channels. On the other hand, on Wednesday, military blogger Vladimir Romanov, while giving information about Surovikin’s arrest, said that Surovikin was arrested the next day for supporting the Prigozhin rebellion.

A blogger revealed the location of Surovikin
Please say that the blogger Romanov is considered a big supporter of the war in Ukraine. Vladnir Romanov had claimed that Surovikin was being held at the Lefortovo detention center in Moscow. Apart from that, Alex Venediktov, editor-in-chief of Echo Moskvy radio station, also wrote on Telegram that Surovikin has not been in contact with his family for three days. Moreover, his guards give no answer.

Surovikin received command of the Russian army for three months
Let us tell you that in the midst of the war with Ukraine, the rebellion of the Wagner group became Putin’s greatest challenge. Also gave rise to the most serious security crisis facing Russia. Please say that Surovikin took command of the Russian army in Ukraine for three months from October 2022 to January 2023. After that, Russian President Putin handed over the responsibility for this war to Chief of Staff Khwaleri Gerasimov.

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