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Does China really take talks with India to resolve the border dispute seriously? Targeted America



Washington. A senior Biden administration official said that to resolve the India-China border dispute, the United States supports a solution through an agreement and direct talks between the two countries. He said the United States, however, saw “little evidence” that China was taking these talks with the right intention and seriousness. In some places in eastern Ladakh, there has been a standoff between Indian and Chinese soldiers for the past three years. India has said its bilateral relations with China cannot be normal until there is peace in the border areas.

Donald Lu, Deputy Foreign Minister for South and Central Asian Affairs, said in an interview with ‘PTI-Bhasha’ on Thursday: “Our position on the border dispute between India and China remains the same as “We support resolving the border dispute through direct negotiations between the two countries,” Lu said in response to a question: “Despite this, we have found very little indication that the Chinese government is pursuing these talks with the right intention.” seriously. What we see is quite the opposite. We regularly see incidents of provocations occurring along the Line of Actual Control (LAC).

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A senior State Department official said India could rely on America’s standing alongside India while facing the challenge of its northern neighbor. He said: “We showed this determination in 2020 during the Galwan crisis and we were looking for opportunities for cooperation with India on equipment and military exercises in addition to sharing information and this will increase in the years to come. .”

The Center for a New American Security, a leading US think tank, said in a report last month that growing apprehension of hostilities on the Indo-China border will impact the United States and its Indo strategy. -peaceful.

The report said that given the security challenges in the region, US policymakers should consider India’s role in the Indo-Pacific region and how to maximize India-US cooperation to address security challenges in the region. and be ready to react quickly to any future border crisis between India and China. The report is authored by Lisa Curtis, Deputy Assistant to the President and Senior Director of the NSC from 2017-2021, and Derek Grossman, Senior Defense Analyst.

The report recommended to the Biden administration that in order to help prevent and respond to Chinese aggression along the border with India, the United States should engage with Beijing’s affirmation against d other U.S. allies and partners in the Indo-Pacific region. ensure that this is reflected in all national security-related documents and speeches.

He said, “Offer India the sophisticated military technology it needs to defend its borders and initiate co-production and co-development of military equipment. Assist India in building maritime and naval capabilities and conduct joint intelligence reviews with India to align assessments of Chinese plans and intentions along the LAC and provide Indian contingency planning support in the event future India-China conflict. Increase coordination with authorities.

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