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Dog barking at night disturbed sleep, then buried alive, then dug up, people were surprised to see the sight



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A woman buries her neighbor’s dog alive in her garden for barking too much
82-year-old woman confesses to burying dog Nina
She did this because she couldn’t sleep at night because of her barking.

Brasilia, In Brazil, a woman buried her neighbor’s dog alive (Dog Buried Alive) in the garden after he barked too much. According to a report by UK-Base Express, the incident took place in the municipality of Planura. In this incident, the 82-year-old confessed to burying the dog Nina. Also, the dog’s owner told police that when he argued with the woman, she said she had buried the dog by digging a pit in the garden. She did this because she couldn’t sleep at night because of her barking. Later, after digging the pit, the dog was found alive.

A video released by some Brazilian media shows the dog crawling out of a hole in the ground. The 33-year-old owner of the dog said that when she learned of the woman’s work, she immediately went to the garden to save her dog. The mistress immediately started digging with a garden hoe and saved Nina alive.

The Express reported that the dog was buried alive for an hour and a half before being rescued and taken to a vet. However, the neighbor had no remorse for his act. He warned the dog’s owner, “Don’t let him come here now. When police questioned the 82-year-old, they said they would bury her again.

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