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Donald Trump: Trump arrives in New York for court, strict security measures



New York. Former US President Donald Trump arrived in New York on Monday, where he will face charges against him. Trump will be the first US president to be indicted. Today, a porn star will be officially charged with secretly paying money during the 2016 election campaign. Trump landed at La Guardia Airport after a two-and-a-half-hour flight from Florida. He then proceeded to Trump Tower, where he was to spend the night before heading to the Manhattan Courthouse on Tuesday afternoon.

Strict safety provisions in the city regarding the muscle
Meanwhile, prior to Trump’s appearance, heightened security was put in place outside the courthouse as well as around Trump Tower. In addition to the barricades, barbed wire was also installed in various places. Meanwhile, Mayor Adams of New York has warned that anyone violently protesting Trump’s historic impeachment could be arrested. On the other hand, on all of these issues, Trump’s attorney, Joe Tacopina, said it was all up in the air. Tacopina said Trump is preparing for the fight and will plead not guilty to the charges against him.

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Accused of giving money to an adult film star
Trump’s 2016 re-election campaign doesn’t appear to be releasing the secret payment he made to an adult film actress. Donald Trump will appear in Manhattan court on Tuesday for arraignment after being indicted by a Manhattan grand jury last week. He will be the first former US president to face a criminal charge.

The city is expected to see demonstrations by supporters and protesters following the unprecedented criminal indictment of a former president. The administration has made preparations for this. The allegations will be read out at the hearing and this process will take approximately 10-15 minutes. Along with this, his dream of joining the White House again in 2024 seems to be shattered.

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