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Dream Job: This Japanese Man Makes Money Doing Nothing, You Should Try It Too



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Tokyo resident Shoji Morimoto charges up to 10,000 yen per booking
Nearly 4,000 solo travelers have partnered in four years, charging 10,000 yen per booking
A man had hired him just to say goodbye to a moving train by shaking his hand.

Tokyo, Who in the world does not want to earn money without doing any work. Shoji Morimoto, who lives in Tokyo, the capital of Japan, is paid to do nothing. Shoji, a 38-year-old Tokyo resident, only takes money to be with people. According to a report in Reuters, Shoji charges up to 10,000 yen per booking and is simply present with passengers as a companion.

Collect money from solo travelers
Shoji Morimoto told Reuters he was basically renting himself. His job is to stay where his customers want him to and above all he does nothing. He said he has partnered with around 4,000 solo travelers over the past four years. During this time, he earned 4 crore yen.

meet people on twitter
With a slim body and average appearance, Morimoto gets most of his Twitter customers. About a quarter of them are clients who hire them repeatedly, with one hiring them 270 times. His job is so interesting that once he was hired by a man just to shake his hand from a moving train and say goodbye.

Morimoto mainly charges solo travelers money to accompany them as a co-traveler. Morimoto said it was his only source of income, from which he supported his wife and children. Asked about his income, he refused to reveal how much money he earned. However, he said he received one or two people a day. Before the pandemic, Morimoto was hired by three or four people every day.

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