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Drop the mark of the language, this country chooses the official perfume! The smell is such that people start sneezing after smelling it.



Every country in the world has its own official languages, national flag, official script, symbol, national bird, etc. But there are countries where not only at the national level, but also at the state level, many official things are elected. Take America only, here each state has its own official symbols which are associated with the special things of that state. States also have their own songs, birds, colors, creatures that the people of those states are proud of. But now an American state, taking a step forward, will choose not only the official language and symbol, but also the official smell of the country.

new mexico official smell 1

New Mexico will become the first US state to have its own official perfume. (Representative photo: Canva)

According to the report from the Audi News website, a new bill is about to be passed in the US state of New Mexico (USA), which, if passed, will also choose its official fragrance. . That is, there will be a special smell of this state, which will be considered the official smell of this state. Once the law is enacted, New Mexico will become the first place not just in America but in the entire world to have its own official scent.

official smell of new mexico 2

New Mexico is a major producer of green chili peppers. (Representative photo: Canva)

This will be the official scent
Now the question arises as to what this smell will be, which will be considered here as the official smell. Green chiles are produced in large quantities in New Mexico. For this reason, only the smell of roasting green chillies will be declared here as the official smell. When chilies are roasted, many people sneeze a lot from the fumes that come out. Aroma Bill, i.e. Bill 188, was proposed by State Senator Williams Soules. He and the Legislative Finance Committee believe that after Mehak’s election, the number of tourists here will increase. A comprehensive report has been prepared for this purpose.

There are more official things in New Mexico
It was said in this report that the tourist season continues from March to October and during this time the smell of green chillies is also very strong. By the way, there are already many marks or symbols of New Mexico that are quite special in themselves. New Mexico has its own state song as well as an official link. Not only that, the official question of this state is also, ‘Red or Green?’ In fact, anyone ordering food at a restaurant in New Mexico, restaurant employees definitely asks this question related to chili peppers.

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