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Earthquake in Turkey: this child came out of the rubble after 5 days, now the mother appeared after 54 days, do you know how this miracle happened?



Turkey. A ‘miracle baby’ who was saved nearly 128 hours after being buried under the rubble of last month’s massive earthquake in Turkey has won millions of hearts on social media. However, in the meantime, the news of his mother’s death has been announced, but after 54 days, he has now learned that the mother of this innocent child is alive. Ukrainian Minister Anton Gerashchenko shared information about it on Monday. The DNA report confirmed that she is the real mother.

Ukrainian Minister Anton Gerashchenko shared a message about the mother of the child who came forward and said: “You will remember this photo of the child who spent 128 hours under the rubble after the earthquake in Turkey. It was said that the child’s mother had died, but now we know that his mother is alive! He was treated in another hospital. After a 54-day hiatus and a DNA test, they are back together.

This post has been viewed over 5.1 million times. Calling it another miracle, one user wrote – “Wonderful news. I’m so glad they both survived and are back with each other. Thanks for sharing it! Another said: “Sad but beautiful ending to this story. Glad the child was reunited with his mother. A third Twitter user commented: “What a beautiful story. Mother and child reunited again. I hope the mother is well enough to take care of her child and enjoy the rest of her life.”

Significantly, more than 48,000 people died in the severe earthquake that struck Turkey on February 6. It has been described as one of the deadliest earthquakes since 1939. After the violent earthquake, there was a scene of devastation everywhere. Those who survived were trying to find their way back to life. Those still trapped in the rubble were fighting for their lives. Meanwhile, after a 128-hour rescue operation, an innocent child has been pulled alive from the rubble.

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