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EGYPT: For the first time in CAIRO, the country’s capital, 2 women have become metro drivers! know the whole story



EGYPT: The metro is a very convenient and safe train in which most women are picked up. But the participation of women in the management of the metro is very low in all the countries. Recently, in Cairo, the capital of the Arab country of Egypt, two women became drivers of a metro train for the first time. Let us tell you that Arab Egypt is a country where more restrictions are placed on women. The first metro was launched in the capital Cairo in 1987. For the first time in 35 years, female conductors were recruited there.

There are 2 women nominated for the position of subway driver. In which one’s name is Hind Umar and the other’s name is Suzanne Mohammed. Hind Umar’s age is 30 and Susan’s age is 32.

Weekend changed in UAE, became the first Arab country to do so, now work will only be done 4.5 days a week

It will be the first time in Egypt that there will be a female subway driver.

Hind Umar said in an interview that “When I first saw the advertisement for the position of subway driver, I was very happy and excited at that moment. I was sure that I could succeed in this position. Then I thought that if I was selected for the position of metro driver, it would be the first time in Egypt that there would be a female metro driver. And that will be a source of great pride for me. to be the country’s first female subway driver.”

It was the “biggest challenge” for me to get a job as a subway driver.

Suzanne Mohamed said in an interview that it was “the biggest challenge” for me to get a job as a metro driver. However, I saw everything normally. I heard a lot of negative things from people, but the truth is that I expected more and was already ready to hear it all. But on the one hand a lot of people were very happy to see it and supported me. Many people came to see us and wished us good luck with the job. Many women were also happy and they came to see us and asked us how they could become subway drivers like us. How to apply to become a subway driver.

The Egyptian Transport Authority recently opened new metro lines in the capital. There are a total of 78 drivers in the Metro organization at present. In the coming times, plans are underway to recruit more women.

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