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Elderly woman woke up at her funeral, doctors had pronounced her dead



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An elderly woman wakes up at her own funeral.
Bela Montoya, a 76-year-old woman, was pronounced dead by doctors.

Quito: Surprising news has arrived from Ecuador. A 76-year-old woman, Bella Montoya, came to life at her funeral. In fact, Montoya was admitted to a hospital in Ecuador on Friday after suffering a stroke and was later pronounced dead. Arrangements were made for the woman’s funeral, but everyone at her funeral service was shocked when she began to breathe deeply inside the coffin. When the people standing there opened the coffin, they found that he was alive.

People regard the woman’s return to life as a miracle from God. The cause of his death is believed to be cardiorespiratory arrest. A death certificate was also prepared and delivered by the hospital. Montoya is now being taken to the same hospital where he was pronounced dead. The woman’s son, Gilbert Balbern, says she is now in stable condition. He’s on oxygen. His heart is fine too. Balbaran said, “I want him to live and be with me.

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