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Elections in Israel: 88.6% of the ballots have been counted, so Netanyahu can become Prime Minister, read this report



Jerusalem. With nearly 90% of the ballots counted in Israel’s general election, veteran politician Benjamin Netanyahu is set to become prime minister again. This information was given in official figures. In fact, there are 120 seats in the Parliament of Israel. Netanyahu’s Likud party and its allies are expected to win 65 of those seats. The ‘Jerusalem Post’ newspaper, citing data from the Central Election Commission, says Likud party leader Netanyahu (73) will definitely be Israel’s next prime minister after nearly 90% of ballots were counted .

The Netanyahu coalition will consist of 65 deputies (members of the Israeli parliament), while the Lapid bloc will consist of 50 and Hadash-Taal five. Figures released Wednesday show that after counting 88.6 percent of votes, Likud had 32, Yesh Atid 24, Religious Zionism Party (RZP) 14, National Unity 12, Shas 11, United Jews of the Torah, the Dharma (UTJ) had eight, Israel Beytenu five, Ram five, Hadash-Tal five and Shram four.

According to the Times of Israel newspaper, the number of women in the Netanyahu-led coalition will drop drastically. The current results show nine female MPs from parties supporting the former prime minister, with none from the ultra-conservative factions. Based on those results, an eventual Netanyahu-led coalition will have nine female members, including six from his Likud party and three from the ultra-Orthodox faction, though that figure could rise through ministerial-level appointments.

Post-election polls predicted that pro-Netanyahu parties could win 65 seats. The coalition includes Netanyahu’s Likud party, far-right Religious Zionism/Jewish Power, the ultra-Orthodox Shas party and United Torah Judaism. Israel has come to a political standstill in 2019 after Netanyahu, 73, was charged with corruption, fraud and treason. Netanyahu was Israel’s longest-serving prime minister, in power for 12 consecutive years – while ruling the country for a total of 15 years. He had to leave power last year.

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