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Elon Musk tells CBC Canada’s government-funded news agency doesn’t follow Twitter



Toronto. The Canadian broadcasting network CBC published on its Twitter account: “Government funded media” Stopped using Elon Musk-owned social media platform after being tagged. The media establishment said this step by Twitter reduces its credibility. Twitter attacked the CBC/Radio-Canada account. “Government funded media” Labeled as. It’s the same label, due to which the American “National Public Radio” also left Twitter last Wednesday.

“Twitter can be a powerful tool for our reporters to communicate with Canadians, but it limits the scope of their work,” CBC spokesman Leon Marr said in a statement Monday. the importance of accuracy and professionalism and distorts our independence.

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“As a result, we will cease all activity on our corporate Twitter account and on all accounts related to CBC and Radio-Canada news,” the statement said. CBC sent a letter to Twitter asking the company to reconsider its decision. Musk then tweeted about it, with a slight variation, calling it “media 69% government funded.”

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