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Emergency in California! Biden Announcement – People Expected To Leave Area Soon, What Happened In America After All?



Washington. California, the most populous state in America, is struggling with blizzard these days. In this context, US President Joe Biden has declared a state of emergency. According to a statement released late Monday night by the White House, Biden ordered federal aid to California due to emergency conditions created by the severe snowstorm, flooding and landslides. This declaration of emergency would authorize Homeland Security and the Federal Emergency Management Agency to coordinate all disaster relief efforts.

Earlier, on Jan. 4, California Governor Gavin Newsom declared a statewide emergency, home to around 40 million people, due to severe snowstorms.

According to a statement released by the governor’s office, ’12 people have died in storm-related incidents, including flooding, since late December, more than the number of people who have died in wildfires in the last two years.

Let us tell you that the snow storm continues in California with heavy rain, causing flooding, road closures and power outages in many parts of the state. Nearly one million homes and businesses in California were without power Monday, according to, a website that tracks power outages nationwide.

According to reports, tens of thousands of people in Northern California have been facing frequent power outages since Monday as heavy rains and high winds severed power lines here.

Meanwhile, the NWS tweeted Monday afternoon that thousands of people living in Montecito, Southern California have been ordered to evacuate the area immediately. The NWS also said in their tweet: “Due to heavy rains, dangerous flooding has occurred in southern Santa Barbara County and central Ventura County. Please follow the orders of the emergency authorities.

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