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End of India’s UNSC presidency, focus on terrorism and maritime security



New York: India’s presidency of the United Nations Security Council ended on Thursday after two years in office. On this occasion, the Permanent Representative of India to the United Nations, Ruchira Kamboj, declared: “We have not hesitated to raise our voices against the common enemy of humanity, terrorism, during our mandate in Security Council. We have spoken in favor of peace, security and prosperity. We were aware that when we spoke in the Security Council, we were speaking on behalf of 1.4 billion Indians or 1/6 of humanity. Maritime security is the best example of this, whereas until recently the Security Council focused only on the issue of piracy. While maritime security also includes a large troop contributing country as well as bigger issues.

Speaking on the need for reforms in the UNSC, Ruchira Kamboj said: “We were fully aware that reforms in the Security Council were urgent. This conviction only grew stronger after our mandate. As we leave the Security Council at the end of our presidency for this term, we are convinced that the greater the resistance to change, the greater the risk of losing the relevance and credibility of the decisions of this body. India’s non-permanent membership in the UNSC expires on December 31. The envoys of Ireland, Kenya, Mexico and Norway to the UN also spoke at the closing session, as these countries will also withdraw from the UNSC after two years.

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