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Entry of foreigners in the middle of the war in Ukraine! Suddenly a white light appeared in the sky, NASA made a dangerous statement



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A bright white light appeared in the sky amid the war in Ukraine.
The US space agency said it was not its satellite.
Social media users blamed the aliens for this.

Kyiv: A video from Ukraine is going viral on social media. The video is at night. In the middle of the war, suddenly a white light appears in the sky. After watching the video, people speculate that it could be a crashed satellite, or that aliens could also be responsible. This video was posted on a Telegram channel by journalist and blogger Anatoly Shari. In the four-shot music video, the sky is shown to suddenly light up with bright light. In one of the clips, a hot object was seen falling to the ground.

According to the BBC report, NASA had already informed of this accident. Kyiv City Military Administration, citing preliminary information, said it was a crashed NASA satellite. But NASA said after this incident that it was not their satellite, because their satellite was still in orbit. The Ukrainian Air Force, blamed for trying to shoot down Russian-fired missiles and drones, said a satellite or meteorite could be responsible. After the video went viral, there was a flood of mimes on Ukrainian social media. After which, the Air Force had to say, “Please don’t use the official Air Force symbol to create memes.”

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