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Europe is hit by drought, crops are being destroyed, such heat has not happened for 500 years, scientists warn



New Delhi. Climate change has wreaked havoc all over the world, concerns have been expressed on the world stage for many years. From alternative energy to other measures are adopted. India has spoken of reducing its carbon emissions by 70% by 2030 and it is also taking rapid action in this direction. At the same time, countries like America, China and Europe have also started taking various measures to reduce carbon emissions to zero, even though all countries are still looking to other countries and avoiding take action themselves.

This is the reason why countries like India have categorically clarified their position on the world stage saying that zero emission or climate change measures for developed and developing countries cannot be sustained in the same category as developed countries Adopting all measures to develop, the earth made this condition and the countries whose contribution to this was negligible, now they are expected to also participate in the fight against climate change , the peculiarity is that Yet countries like Europe and America are not taking the measures as seriously as they should be. Now its serious consequences are also visible.

Adverse effect on the yield of farmers in Europe due to heat
Southern Europe is reeling from a devastating dry summer, and with many regions already suffering from water shortages, farmers fear it could be the worst harvest season in decades. Due to climate change, areas are becoming hot and dry, leading to a continuous decrease in groundwater resources for many years. The soil dries out strongly in Spain, southern France, Italy and in North African countries such as Tunisia. In addition, due to the drop in the level of rivers and water sources, hydroelectric production and the availability of drinking water in summer are threatened.

There hasn’t been such heat in 500 years
Scientists have warned that people should brace for another extreme summer this year, similar to the heat wave the region experienced last year, which plagued Europe with a drought that researchers say was the worst in 500 years. Scientists say the average temperature has risen by 1.5 degrees over the past 150 years, leading to increasingly frequent droughts in the Mediterranean. Scientists believe that due to climate change, this region will experience more severe heat and drought.

Drought everywhere from France, from Spain to Italy
The important thing is that predictions have been made about it for a long time, but preparations about it are lagging behind. There are many agricultural areas where water-saving methods such as precision irrigation or the cultivation of drought-resistant crops such as sunflowers have not yet been adopted. France is emerging from its driest winter since 1959, according to a government website. Spain has seen half of the average rainfall this year, thousands of people now depend on tankers for drinking water, while water restrictions have been put in place in many regions such as Catalonia.

In addition to the impact on grains and oilseeds, some farmers have reported a loss of more than 80% of their crops. The kind of situation we are seeing this year, it is speculated could be a repeat of last year, when the worst drought in 70 years was reported in Italy. Scientists now say we should prepare for a drier and warmer period.

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