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Europe will give Russia the status of a terrorist state! Know the meaning of the vote in the European Parliament – the European Parliament will vote on recognizing Russia as a terrorist state on Wednesday amid war in Ukraine – Reuters



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The European Parliament has prepared a resolution on the recognition of Russia as a “terrorist state”.
It will be voted on in the presence of all the deputies on November 23.
MPs allege that Russia continually attacks civilians and public centers as terrorists.

Paris, The European Parliament will vote to give Russia the status of a terrorist state. European Parliament deputy spokeswoman Delphine Collard told a press briefing that the European Parliament had prepared a resolution on recognizing Russia as a “terrorist state” and would vote on it during its November 23 session. in Strasbourg. He said on Wednesday members of the European Parliament would vote on a resolution to designate Russia as a state sponsor of terrorism in light of large-scale attacks on civilian facilities in Ukraine. Let’s say that European Parliament resolutions are not legally binding. However, they are widely used in the media and political circles of the European Union to promote and disseminate specific political positions.

Why is Europe doing
MEPs allege that Russia continuously attacks civilians and public centers as terrorists. In its war against Ukraine, the Russian military has stepped up its attacks on civilian targets, including energy infrastructure, hospitals, medical facilities, schools and shelters. In such a situation, the European Parliament asserts that international law and international humanitarian law are violated in this process.

Ukraine has long demanded
Ukrainian Defense Minister Oleksiy Reznikov told Reuters news agency in an interview that Russian forces led by General Sergei Surovikin have become more dangerous since his appointment in October. Since the arrival of the new commander, Russia has launched a series of attacks against Ukraine’s strategic national infrastructure, one of the main reasons being the attack on the Crimean Bridge. He accused the new commander of Russian forces of carrying out operations under terrorist tactics by heavily bombarding civilians and vital infrastructure.

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