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Exactly a year ago, the husband left, the house was about to be auctioned off, only then grace came, and the troubles disappeared in a jiffy



It is the story of a woman who was cheated on by her friend and husband who looks like a sister. The woman’s husband leaves her after falling in love with his sister-like friend. The two whom the woman loved very much, both were determined to live her life. But, God didn’t approve of it. He could not bear the pain of the woman and then suggested such a solution which changed the whole life of the woman. However, during this time, the woman had to face many kinds of suffering. Her financial situation has become so bad that she has reached the threshold of homelessness. Her daughter had to drop out of school. His dream palace was about to be auctioned off. But, this time, the January 17 date came as a boon, not a curse, in her life. Exactly one year ago, on January 17, 2022, her husband separated from her and on January 17, 2023, God filled her bag with blessings.

It’s a very touching story. Those who believe in God will surely feel at least once that there is such and such a power that takes into account all our actions. There may be delay in his court but there can be no darkness. So now we go back to the original story. This woman, who lives in Colombia, America, is the mother of a daughter. Her husband left her a year ago. At this time, the mortgaged house came into its share. Repaying the house loan, the wife came down the road. Even after all her savings had run out, she couldn’t free the house from the mortgage. Because of this, she could not even afford the expenses of her daughter’s education and she had to drop out of school.

biggest lottery win
But, a few days before the auction of the house, seeing the woman’s suffering, Ishwar’s heart sank. Wife without any planning lottery ticket Purchased. This date was January 17, 2023. Exactly a year ago, on this day, the woman’s husband separated from her. But, the date of January 17, 2023 was his. one of his lottery ticket But two lotteries took place. It was the biggest lottery ticket win in Colombian history. He got a lottery of 2 lakh 68 thousand pounds or about Rs 2.7 crore. This full story is published on the heart dot co dot UK website.

This amount received by the woman in the lottery is so high that in addition to saving her auction house, she will also be able to pay her daughter’s school fees and save a lot. After this lottery win, the woman told local media in Colombia that she was shocked to see such a sum. She said the person who received the first phone call after winning the lottery was her ex-husband. He was now trying to flirt with her, but the woman tried to quickly end the conversation with yes-no answers.

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